VedoGreen is Corporate Finance Advisor for Small&Mid Cap companies and for the IPO of SMEs with a sustainable business model. 

VedoGreen FINANCE provides advisory in Capital Markets, IPO, Funding, Business Plan, Independent Research. It has created a database of more than 3,000 companies belonging to 10 Green Economy sectors, that allows the analysis of the economic and financial results, the evaluation of the single company and the view of the main technological, regulatory and sector trends.

IR Top and VedoGreen are promoters and investors in GreenItaly1, the first thematic SPAC (Special Purpose Acquistion Company) in Italy dedicated to the Green Economy, listed in December, 2013 with a capital raised of €35m that engaged in a business combination in 2015 with a leading company in energy efficiency (ESCo). 

 The company was founded in 2011 from the creation of the first Italian Survey “Green economy on equity capital markets.

Our services aim at: 

  • Pre IPO Valuation
  • Supporting the company in the stock market listing process (IPO Advisory)
  • Creation of Equity Story for potential investors
  • Mapping and Profiling of Investors
  • Selection of the most suitable subjects for the company profile (investors and / or industrial partners)
  • Facilitating equity investments by institutional investors
  • Networking for SMEs and investors sensitive to sustainability 


IR Top

Partner Equity Markets di Borsa Italiana – LSE Group, is the leading Italian consulting firm specializing in Equity Capital Markets advisory for the IPO process and for opening up the capital to institutional investors (Investor Relations). Founded in Milan in 2001, it has developed strategic relationships with Institutional and Professional investors in Italy and abroad, gaining a solid track record on companies listed in the MTA-STAR and a leading position on the AIM Italia market, dedicated to the Italian SMEs. IR Top operates through the IPO Advisory, Independent Equity Research, IR and Financial Media Relations divisions. IR Top works with a team made up of professionals with extensive experience in the capital markets and integrates finance, communication, marketing and securities law compliance skills. 

To contact us please send an email to: or call +39 02 45473883.